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The dos and don’ts of public nudity in Germany

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Girls of Germany's biggest brothel Paradise have sex with up to 20 men a night

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Welcome to Paradise: inside the world of legalised prostitution

FKK Sauna Club Germany

This area gets very crowded on the weekends and even though it is safe thanks to the high police presence, but you should still be cautious and beware of pickpockets.

  • In April 2006, five men were charged with pimping.

  • Top of the line products ensure 5 Star atmosphere.

FKK Sauna Club Germany

This club is located at Schieferhof, Germany.

  • Officials speculated that up to 40,000 illegal sex workers, mainly from Eastern European countries, would enter Germany for the , held in Germany in the summer of 2006.

  • These efforts were criticized as inadequate by prostitutes' organizations such as Hydra, which lobby for full normality of the occupation and the elimination of all mention of prostitution from the legal code.