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The Machine takes gleeful delight in brutalizing Anne Marie with belly punch after belly punch all over the mat room.

  • Of course I expected Tiny and SK to banter back and forth, providing me with some good laughs, but they actually had me cracking up from the very beginning, especially with Tiny trying to figure out how SK beat Anne with just belly attacks, then Anne, who was already beaten by SK just a moment ago is now subject to be the judge on who hits harder.

  • Lily needs this win otherwise she'll be humiliated, so she goes all out on her victim.

“Bitch Slaps & Belly Punches!”

Later, Pixie and Gypsy team up to teach Taylor a lesson or two in a vicous and brutal two on one beatdown.

  • Tucked so smug in her round jobber bottom! LF103 to LF107 available at LF102 - Jobber Girl Dominates - Absynthe vs Lily Petite little Absynthe is everyone's favourite Jobber Girl but she's had enough taking a beating, especially from Lily so this time she decides to show everyone what she can really do against a larger opponent.

  • Feeling quite playful, Aiden goes after Crystal's ticklish spots and both gals end up on the floor trying to tickle each other out.