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In modern reprints, George still wants to be a boy, but the statement that her short hair makes her look like a boy has been removed as it is now considered offensive to assume that girls need long hair to be considered feminine.

  • The parodies were deliberately set towards the end of the original Famous Five "era" 1942—63 so as to make the point that the books were already becoming outmoded while they were still being written.

  • Alf also appears as James of the same background.

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At the party all fuck-holes and shafts came in comfy Gestern 08:45 , , , , HD• WILD PARTY GIRLS 39 - Scene 5 Vor 8 Jahren 24:54• Group Sex Party Vor 6 Monaten 10:00 ,• The titles included "Famous Five and the Golden Galleon" which featured a sunken ship that was laden with gold with the Five fending off villains seeking to make off with the gold, "Famous Five and the Treasure of the Templars", where it transpires that Kirrin Castle is actually a Templar Castle that houses their hidden treasure which the Five ultimately secure with the help of members of the order, and "Famous Five and the Inca God" which was set in an antiquities museum and dealt with the theft of an Incan fetish.

  • In one such strip, Jack Black actually murders a group of young detectives clearly based on The Famous Five so they won't compete with him for a reward.

  • At the start of the series, Julian is 12 years old.

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